“In my experience, Resolve Litigation Lawyers … and its team members pride themselves on making a positive difference to their client’s business.

They are a small practice but with large law firm expertise. I have over 20 years of experience in business, corporate finance and large transactions, dealing with the largest legal practices in Australia, and indeed in the UK, Europe and the US. I am therefore a tough client in wanting excellent service, strong legal capability but “arms and legs” support when required. In many transactions over the recent past, including several extremely complex cases, Resolve has given my company that support, dedication and expertise.

They have an absolute dedication to clients with a focus on building long-term relationships. I value that dedication and focus highly. The senior members of the firm make themselves readily available and you know that they care about the outcome of the matter.

They offer superior advice that helps the client deal successfully [with] the opportunity or challenge confronting them. This advice includes assistance in the selection of advisers and barristers that match our specific needs and culture. That advice draws upon many years of experience within the team members and is no different than I receive from the largest firms in Australia.

Finally, I truly value them telling it like it is, not what the client wants to hear. A rare trait in my opinion.”

Warren Murphy, Executive Chairman, Sanctuary Energy Pty Limited

“Resolve excel at what they do. The firm has extensive experience in commercial and intellectual property litigation. The expertise of Michael Daniel and David Hing is second to none. Resolve are commercially orientated, outcome driven, responsive to clients’ cost sensitivities and able to identify and pursue the most appropriate strategy to achieve clients’ objectives. The firm’s lawyers are extremely professional, knowledgeable, have excellent communication skills and are a pleasure to work with.  Invariably, I have been instilled with confidence that any matter given to Resolve is in extremely capable hands and it will be pursued professionally, ethically and cost-effectively. Resolve provides the level of service and expertise one typically expects of a large commercial firm but in a more personalised, flexible and cost-effective manner.”

Philip Macken, Lawyer and Registered Patent Attorney

“Thank you for everything that you have done for me. Resolve have achieved some wonderful results for me. The whole team has always made me feel not only welcome but confident in their expertise and fierce in their determination to pursue the task.”

John Campbell