Curran Foundation

The St Vincent’s Curran Foundation is the fundraising organisation for St Vincent’s Hospitals in New South Wales. The Foundation aims to provide everyone with access to quality healthcare by fostering innovation and delivering excellence in patient care, clinical education and research. It is supported in its work by individuals, community groups and businesses in order to assist St Vincent’s in leading the way in patient care, research and education. Resolve Litigation Lawyers is proud to provide financial support to the Curran Foundation in its work.

Peter Nygh Hague Conference Internship

Resolve Litigation Lawyers is proud to provide legal and administrative assistance to the Peter Nygh Hague Conference Internship. The internship is awarded each year by the Australian Institute of International Affairs, the International Law Association (Australian Branch) and the Nygh family and provides funding to assist a graduate, or post graduate student, of an Australian law school to travel to the Netherlands and undertake a 5 to 6 month unpaid internship at the Hague Conference on Private International Law. For further information about the internship see or contact Nicola Nygh.

Young Endeavour

Resolve Litigation Lawyers is a proud supporter of the Young Endeavour Youth Scheme. The Young Endeavour Youth Scheme is a not for profit organisation that provides young Australians with a unique and inspirational experience at sea. Together with the Royal Australian Navy and the Commonwealth Government, the Young Endeavour Youth Scheme runs voyages on a magnificent tall sailing ship along the east and south coasts of Australia. Participants develop self-awareness, teamwork and leadership skills through being involved in this program.

The Ethics Centre

The Ethics Centre is a non-profit organisation that provides support to people to navigating complex and difficult ethical issues. It runs a free ethics helpline called Ethi-call, which provides a confidential and safe means by which people can receive advice on ethical challenges in order to make ethical decisions. It is involved in a range of other programs in order to assist members of the community. At Resolve Litigation Lawyers, we believe in, and support, the work of the Ethics Centre.

Pollinate Energy

Pollinate Energy is a social business with a simple mission – to improve the lives of India’s urban poor by giving them access to affordable products. With a focus on sustainable solutions, such as solar lights and improved cook stoves, people are able to reduce indoor smoke, have better quality light, use less fuel and save money. Tom Norris is on the Board of Advisors to Pollinate Energy and provides financial support to the organisation. Resolve Litigation Lawyers is proud to be involved in such an important and transformative initiative.

The newDemocracy Foundation

The newDemocracy Foundation is an independent non-partisan organisation that aims to research complementary alternatives to Australia’s political system. It aims to explore options to improve upon our democracy in order to restore trust and effectiveness in our politics. Resolve Litigation Lawyers is proud to be a supporter of the work of the newDemocracy Foundation and support its endeavours to creating a better system of politics in Australia.